I’m all for Moments like these

Geschrieben von Sabrina


I’m all for moments.

And I feel like I’ve been blessed with so many beautiful ones lately.

The ones that make me feel so incredibly humble and small when surrounded by astonishing nature.

The moments where I feel lost for words because of overwhelming feelings.

Instances where I feel my own limitations rising within, but not giving in.

Realizing that I’m worth celebrating my smallest accomplishments- which I still don’t do often enough.

Moments that give me goosebumps because I realize how precious this life is.

The little glimpses that I am allowed to get of other people’s real, raw, vulnerable self: moments of deep, true connection.

I’m all for Moments like this. With Nature, with you and with myself. These moments are the essence for the story of my life.

The moments when I completely forget where I am, what day or time it is, or why I ever struggled in my life. They are what fill me with happiness, love and the strength to go on.

I value these moments and I capture them. Not as a way to hold on to them, but as a way to share, to connect even further, to remember.

Boy am I grateful for all these little rays of light that fill and lighten my heart these days ❤️

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