The Word has been my Medicine – Just write

Geschrieben von Sabrina

the word has been my medicine

the letter filled my voids


forever and ever

my thoughts pour sentences on paper and screen

sometimes messy, sometimes clean

but always there to show what’s hidden

always there to soothe my soul

to heal my wounds

to salve my pain

to freeze moments, that would otherwise be washed away by the rain

there’s traffic where thoughts rush through the narrows of my brain

trying to catch, to hold, to rewind, again and again

no, no, no.

let go

be with the flow

of life and thoughts and pour it all out

fill pages and books and libraries full

of memories, stories, ideas and fiction

be with your words and guide them to light

let them become, whatever they might

just never stop, and please: don’t hesitate.

just let it flow,

letter to word to sentence to page to whatever it will

or will not be

no boundaries 

no concepts

just let them run free

just you and your thoughts

a white page, a blank screen

to hold a thought and then set it free

dance with the uncertainty

of meaningful words, 

but never hesitate,

to walk through your fear

and when it’s all done, it’ll be cristal clear



let the words sink into the stillness of each breath

and if you’re not done yet:

let your soul speak

until it feels good,

and then..

put down the pen.

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